History of the Kalyna Country Performing Arts Association


The Kalyna Country Performing Arts Association is dedicated to the love of music and fostering the development of the performing arts in communities throughout the Kalyna Country Region, including Lamont, Sturgeon, Smoky Lake, Thorhild, Minburn, Beaver and St. Paul counties.

The Association runs 2 activities. In March we host a ‘Festival of Performing Arts’ in the small community of Smoky Lake. 2017 marked our 19th annual festival with approximately 350 students participating. There are classes for all ages, ranging from instrumental and voice solos, to dance groups and school bands. Participants receive a workshop style adjudication that emphasizes both enjoyment and education, and are eligible to move on to higher levels of performance, provincially and federally. We also offer several scholarships to encourage the students to participate in a summer camp in their discipline.

During the summer break our association offers a summer theatre camp. The students work with a vocal instructor daily to create a production by the end of the week. It is an opportunity for the children to showcase their talents and develop their skills in the performing arts.

Our Organization

The Kalyna Country Performing Arts Association is run by a volunteer executive. We also have the support of the St. Michael Agriculture Society, Smoky Lake County, and the Smoky Lake Agricultural Society who provide us with a facility to host our events. We are fortunate to have a community of volunteers always willing to help out with the festival, our camp and our fundraising efforts.



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